Elztal is home to racoons, martens, mountain cocks, buzzards, falcons, crows, stork, ravens, and deer.


     Raccoons are intelligent with a reputation for mischief. They have a black facial coloring around their eyes, and a bushy tail with light and dark rings. The eye make it look like it is wearing a bandit's mask. Raccoons eat berries, insects, and all sorts of small animals. Raccoons wash their food before eating it, giving it its name Waschbär. Raccoons live in hollow trees or caves or under roofs in old houses.

     Martens are animals around the size of a cat. Their fur is dark brown, grows longer and less coarse during the winter months, and has cream colored spot on their throat. They prey on small mammals, birds, insects, and frogs. Although they are preyed upon occasionally by red foxes, humans are their real enemies

     The Common Buzzard is between 51-57 cm in length with a 110 to 130 cm wingspan, making it a medium-sized raptor bird and eats mainly small mammals.



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