Dialect spoken in Elztal is Alemannic. The Allemanni were a Germanic tribe. As the name indicates, they were a conglomerat of various tribes formed into warbands, "all man".


     The Allemanni were constantly engaged in conflicts with the Roman Empire. They launched a major invasion of Northern Italy in 268, when the Romans were forced to vacate much of their German land in response to an invasion of the Goths.

     Next battle against the Romans took place in 357 AC in Strassburg, where they were defeated by Julian, later Emperor of Rome. In another invasion in 406, the Allemanni crossed the Rhine river, conquered and then settled what is today Alsace and a large part of Switzerland.

     The kingdom of Allemannia, ranging from Strasbourg to Augsburg lasted until 496, when they were conquered by Clovis I



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